Free Changing Perspectives on International Education

Changing Perspectives on International Education
By:Patrick O'Meara,Howard D. Mehlinger,Roxana Ma Newman
Published on 2001 by Indiana University Press

More than 40 years ago, recognizing that higher education would have to take responsibility for educating Americans about other world cultures and societies, Congress passed the National Defense Education Act (later known as the Higher Education Act). Title VI of this act has provided extensive support for foreign languages and area studies development in the nation’s universities and colleges. As a result, millions of Americans have been able to acquire knowledge about other parts of the world. Today, there are new issues, demands, and perspectives. Americans are more likely than ever to encounter different cultures, business practices, histories, ideologies, and ways of life. In addition, the United States is increasingly called upon to intervene or mediate in regional and local crises far beyond its borders. U.S. educational institutions must continue to help citizens to have informed opinions about complex international problems. Changing Perspectives on International Education is designed to be used by administrators and planners in U.S. education. It covers the field of international studies as it has developed in the United States, from its beginnings and accomplishments under Title VI to the current paradigmatic shifts taking place in research, teaching, and outreach. A major section is devoted to internationalizing the curriculum of K-12 schools. It concludes with a look at future trends and how they may affect international scholarship and training in the new century. It also provides an extensive bibliography of international resources.

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