Book Intermediate College Korean

Intermediate College Korean
By:Clare You
Published on 2002-01-09 by Univ of California Press

This companion volume to College Korean (California, 1992) enables students to continue their development of Korean language skills and to enrich their understanding of Korea. Because language is a fundamental component of culture, the text incorporates themes relating to Korea's cultural customs and social issues, presented in the form of dialogues, anecdotes, short essays, and poems. Also included are themes tied to the country's physical geography, including major cities, islands, and historical sites. Each lesson consists of a situation dialogue, core vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, grammar, and exercises on reading and listening comprehension. The vocabulary uses adult-level words from the media and professional worlds and ranges from computer terms to martial arts. Unlike other Korean language texts, Intermediate College Korean goes well beyond everyday survival skills and offers students a much wider exposure to both the language and culture of Korea. A reference section includes an index to patterns and grammar notes, a glossary, spelling tips, a list of connectives, and irregular verb charts.

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