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Leveraged Learning
By:Danny Iny
Published on 2018-09-13 by IdeaPress Publishing

Knowledge workers around the world face a looming crisis: maintaining their professional relevance requires that they access, consume, and assimilate new knowledge in a |just enough, just in time| fashion. Traditionally, this training would be supplied by universities and colleges, which are increasingly ill-equipped to supply this growing demand. Only individual experts in their fields possess the means (subject matter expertise) and motive (for contribution to others, and profit at a scale that is very attractive to individuals and small groups, but insufficient to galvanize large institutions) to capitalize on this opportunity. There is already a groundswell of those experts who are excited about this; over 100,000 of them follow Danny Iny's work across various outreach channels (email, social media, blog, column on, etc.), and over the course of 2015, 2016, and 2017 they've invested over $10M towards information and training around this opportunity - this includes training courses and coaching programs on the topic, as well as the two editions of his previous book Teach and Grow Rich, which have garnered 370 reviews on Amazon (average rating of 4.4 stars) from over 5,000 book sales and over 55,000 free downloads. Leveraged Learning is a deep dive into the trends forcing these changes, and the opportunity that they create for experts with something to teach, and the lifelong learners that they serve. It shares the provocative and surprising truth of why experts are the ones to do this, validates frustrations with the traditional educational establishment, and shares the nuts, bolts and step-by-step processes for creating learning experiences that are valuable for learners and profitable for teachers, with numerous real-life examples. Readers will be entertained by illustrative case studies, and inspired by the opportunity for impact and profit. After buying this book, readers will know how to navigate this changing landscape as lifelong learners, and capitalize on the opportunity as experts with something to teach.

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