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The Relevance of Education
By:Jerome Bruner
Published on 1973 by W. W. Norton & Company

|Education is in a state of crisis. It has failed to respond to changing social needs—lagging behind rather than leading.| The crisis that Jerome Bruner identifies in this volume admits of no easy solutions. But the noted American psychologist makes clear that educational reform must begin with the understanding of how a child acquires information and converts knowledge into action. Drawing on his current work on infant development, Bruner underscores the importance of formulating educational strategies that expand rather than constrict the skills of the young learner. Since education takes place under conditions imposed by a technological society, Professor Bruner maintains that it is not enough to attempt reform through minor curriculum revisions. The program that fails to set knowledge within the context of action must be replaced. And to be truly relevant to our social needs, the scope of education must be extended toward overcoming the severe handicaps faced by children from impoverished areas.

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